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Moving places could be a bit of a hassle, with all the stress and rushing, especially if you have just bought a new home and your pockets feel a bit empty the last thing you need is to pay astronomical amounts of money for removal fees. There are many good companies around that can take the burden off your shoulders and provide you with excellent London man and van services industry listings will help you find a company that’s right for the job.

Besides doing some homework, there are a few basic rules that you should follow to make life easier on yourself when moving. First of all, only take what you need. In other words, if you don’t need the item or box, just leave it – movers base their prices on what you’re hauling so the less there is to move, the lower the cost.

To bring costs down further, try and schedule the move for an off peak season or period for this industry, chances are you will get a better price. Before you commit to any company, try and obtain at least three reasonable project quotes. Decide on the format of the  London man and van companies offer a number of options such as self-load and unload or self-drive options so consider each one. Go for a good rep company, they are moving your worldly possessions so look for tell-tale signs and be vigilant for scammers.

Another good tip is to do your own packing, not only you will know where everything is, but you will save a good amount of money compared to ordering a professional packing executed by a contractor. Ask the movers a lot of questions to uncover any hidden costs or additional fees that may have been skipped while striking the deal, some movers do have additional costs but they should be fair and let you know in advance, if not give them the chop. Consider using a complete DIY removal service, as mentioned, companies can provide you with the truck and you do the rest yourself. It is a good idea to arrange moving insurance.

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