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Category Archives: Buying, Selling and Renting

Choosing a Building Surveyor

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Once you have decided which report you require you will need to find a surveyor. If you ask me a personal recommendation is best so ask a friend who has just bought a property. Otherwise, your lender or solicitor should be able to come up with a few names. Personally I’m sceptical about asking the agent for a surveyor, in case the agent is biased.

The Philosophy and Trade Secret for a Good First-Time Buy

buying, renting, living endlessThe philosophy for a good first-time buy is to get something you will enjoy living in for several years. You might sell sooner, or even rent out your place depending on your situation, but look at this as a pleasurable experience rather than a money-spinner. Keep in mind that you are likely to make a profit when you move to the next rung of the ladder.

Renting a Home in London

house for rent in LondonSome 70 per cent of Britons own their own homes – one of the highest figures in Europe – and renting isn’t as common in the UK as it is in many other European countries, where many people are happy to rent for their entire lifetimes. Traditionally there hasn’t been a particularly strong rental market in the UK, although this has changed dramatically in the last few decades with new law regarding renting and the advent to buy-to-let mortgages (I’ll explain that further ahead).

Are Moving Services Really Worth It

man with van LondonMost people would answer this question in a very simple way: yes they are, when in need and no, they are not, when you can do it yourself. This is not far from the truth, having in mind how entire companies are made, who are specialised for exactly this purpose – to help with the moving process in any way they can.

Find Your Place to Be

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Usually people move about cities and neighbourhoods without giving it much thought. Chasing job positions and new opportunities makes modern day people mobile and flexible when it comes to moving and living elsewhere. Though age is one factor that is known to influence the choice of place to live, research and opinion polls show that as individuals get older, they tend to move away from the bustling cities and the urban treadmill in favour of smaller, less busy and more easygoing places like towns and new settlements outside the central urban areas.