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Category Archives: Family Problems

Sailor’s Guide To Preparing His Home For Duty Leave

Warning: Topic requires advanced level of expression and term usage. For the facilitation of the audience, this post has been simplified in terms of expression.

sailor departureA seaman’s profession is something quite unique. Only the worthy go to sea, it has been said. It’s for a very good reason indeed. Maintaining your life’s order is not an easy task for a sailor, especially when there’s a family involved. Of course, many seamen aren’t so fortunate. Family for them is a sacrifice necessary, in order to obtain the right to go to sea.

Life of the “Lazy” Undergraduate

student loan and debt after graduationEvery parent wants the best for his child in terms of education. Getting in to a more sophisticated, broaden and widely acknowledged university is like a joy ride for them. Addressing them in third-person plural, because I am not a parent, at least not yet. What I will try to explain with this post is a lesson parents skip. One very important moral lesson about life, which presumably not all mothers and father teach or even explain their kids.

How Much Can You Rely on Women During a Relocation?

man and van LondonIt is true that those who possess a good physique and physical strength have an advantage in this world. But there will always be someone found with big muscles and not enough brain to complete the work. On the other hand, it is ideas that are greatest in this world. When it comes to the way how people think, it’s known that the woman’s brain function is slightly superior that that of the man. How does this apply in a home relocation and how much can women be trusted? Find out:

Dating at Home Vs Dating Abroad

man and van LondonDating is all good fun, either it being at home or trying out something exotic overseas. Dating though has certain rules applicable, and knowing the dating rules back home should only make you more eager for dating knowledge of your host country. Knowing the local dating rules is like knowing the local language, it pays off to speak it to up your success rate.

Adapting to Change

man and van hireChange is a part of everyday life, whether it’s changes at our work place, changes at home or changes in our living environment. Dealing and overcoming changes, even more so, abrupt changes in our everyday life reflects the ability to adapt and adjust to different situations and deal with them successfully. Some analysts even believe that nowadays it is more important to be flexible and adaptive in terms of jobs and career rather than being a pillar of rigid and unpractical, yet abundant knowledge.

Separation and Relocation

man with van LondonHaving to go through a divorce is a very discouraging and unpleasant affair, having to relocate after the pen has been put to paper is yet another ordeal for the person that has to do it. In many instances such dramatic events in people’s lives are for the better and are the beginning of something new, better suited for the individuals involved.