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Correct Folding of Clothes Saves Time

man and van south LondonHave you ever thought about how fast you fold your clothes, when you are packing them for a purpose. It may be as simple as going on a trip or big, like relocating. Either way, the folding process takes up to 3 times less if one knows ways to fold his clothes smartly and do it fast. Here are some of the ways to do that, taking examples from random clothes:

1. Ask the people that live with if any of the clothes are left inside-out. One of the biggest waster of time is having to pull the right-side out.

2. When you wash your clothes, put together clothes of the same kind, f.e. Dark shirts and dark pants, light shirts and light pants. This way you are still following the rules of washing colours together, still keeping unlike clothing apart.

3. Locate a big table and set a chair somewhere beside it. That’s where the laundry basket will be. You should stand as you are a faster folder this way.

4. If possible, use headphones or turn on dance music to listen to from somewhere within the room. The faster your body wants to move, the faster you will be able to fold.

5. When you try to choose what kind of clothes to fold, always look for the same kind. For example, choose shirts and fold only shirts, until they are all done. That way you will pick up past, as you perform the same kind of movements.

Once you are done with all, there is only to put them in couple of cardboard boxes and load them on the back of the relocation van. Removal companies are found all over London, for example, if you live in the southern parts, you can always look for the Man and Van South London. The city has a smart distribution of such services.

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