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How They Moved In The Past

stock wagonMan has discovered the wheel thousands of years ago, yes. It’s not until the establishment of farming did the real potential for transportation emerged. Real livestock has henceforth been regarded to as as both a source for food, drinks, clothing, bones, hooves and many more uses. That includes transportation. It’s not too difficult to realize a wagon with 4 wheels can easily be propelled forward by animals.

For many decades this method of transportation has remained unchanged. It was how objects were shipped over to a distant land. Everything was considered stock, including people. In that number, we can also account the service of moving a home. This was possible because animals were doing the work, instead of humans. The driver was only to sit back, forward the beasts and enjoy the view. Of course, even further back in time, when people have only just begun to ride horses, they could carry no more than a couple of packs per ride, making this services to be absurd.

In a way, they didn’t have to. The lifestyle upon their world was much too different and primitive. Even the term “home” was relative. Whereas villages were established as a way for people to settle down, help each-other to live a better life in a narrow society. Farming was possible, which led the creation of better and better technology. On the other hand, still not a small part of the population were living a nomadic life, always on the move, gathering from nature and hunting to stay alive.

This piece of history is something we can never forget, even though today were are apparently consumed by our own creations. The world has evolved in many was, deeply differing for what it once was. For instance, the well-recognized Hire Man and a Van in London that are today are a reflection of hundreds of years of human growth.

Thievery was a huge problem, especially in the middle ages. Security along with the transport was a necessary step. The fear of losing your wealth was ranging from beginning to end, with no certainties if the delivery will be made or not. Thieves were professionals in the art of stealing and that meant being skilled and stealthy assassins and warriors. On the contrary, since bureaucracy is now the new law, we are given a 100% guarantee of professional assistance being helpful. Have you seen the difference yet?

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