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How to Move Houses With More Than One Floor

man and van in LondonMoving a house is quite an amazing site, with all the chaos and business, running around, in and out of your house. This is meaningful because there are so many aspects to cover while you are moving that in an almost certain way you will be left with no time to spare for anything else. All of this is especially true for houses that have more than one floor.

Usually there is nothing to getting some extra stuff down to ground level but there is only one problem. Those stairs look quite edgy and steep. I don’t want to think how you would feel if you let go of something heavy while on those stairs. At best you will skin away with something broken or twisted. Let us not talk about the rest.

Even so the man and van in London are still waiting and there is nowhere else to to go through except for the stairs. That leaves them as our only option. Many of the stairs are build resembling a spiral and that presents a huge problem. Some of the furniture upstairs is just too large to be able to fit and will probably tear down the railing.

We have two choices. We either disassemble the large pieces into two smaller parts and completely take apart everything, hoping that we don’t forget how to rebuild them back. You can see that this holds dangers but there is no other alternative. Just remember, we need to transport those pieces safely and we need to make sure that none of the parts gets lost.

Should this happen it’s often not good because one lost piece of the puzzle makes the entire picture unusable. Carefully gather each part and pack them in strong large boxes or wrap them around something. Place those parts that are less protected somewhere away from the other large objects in the tank of the man van London moving vehicle. Use rope to secure.

It’s bad that we have such a limitation of choices. Using the window doesn’t work, and the only other opening in the room leads to the stairs. Be very careful when you manoeuvre something heavy through the stairs because this job is dangerous and will be best left for grown and physically strong men.

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