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How to Move Out a Wooden Table

hire man and van LondonMany house objects exist within the volume of a room. Some of them are small and can easily fit in and out of the room. Others, bigger objects were taken in as parts and assembled together to form one bigger piece of furniture. One big problem poses the question of what is to become of those pieces that can’t be disassembled or can’t fit through the doorway again. Here are some ideas of what to do:

1. If the same room is connected to a balcony through another doorway, perhaps you can use it to lure down the wooden table, if such a stunt is possible of course. Think, also, about the risks that the stunt poses? Is it worth the risk?

2. How is the wooden table constructed? Usually there are 3 or 4 legs joined to the wooden plate surface, using metal brackets. Try to disconnect those brackets.

3. If the legs are joined to the wooden plate directly, it is highly likely that glue was used for the purpose. In that case, trying to disassemble them, you might risk damaging the table.

4. Think of the wooden surface of the table and its legs like a geometrical parallelepiped. Use someone who can lift the table easily, so that they will be able to play with the bottom dimensions of the figure, to see if it can fit the door.

5. If none of these tricks work, you can always trust your furniture to the professionals and hire Man and Van London. Their experience is what will decide for good to see if it can be done.

Thanks to the biological flexibility of the human body and the advantage of the human brain, people are able to think of complex ways to complete such tasks, without even knowing how they did so.

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