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How to Send Gifts Back Home

sending a giftIt has been ages since your last relocation when you used international removal services. It is quite difficult to find really good international removal services and it is a task almost equally complex as picking up the right gift to your close ones back home.

The fact that you are living in a foreign country does not mean that you cannot send a gift to your friends and family. However sending gifts overseas can be a tricky job and that is why we have decided to give you some tips which can facilitate the whole process.

1. Begin by selecting the right gift – most people have troubles choosing gifts especially gifts for a special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas, wedding and etc. However the fact that you are living abroad can be an advantage for you as you can send to your family and friends something that they have never seen. For example if you live in Japan you can send home an authentic Japanese bonsai tree or a traditional Japanese sword known as katana. When choosing such presents, make sure that your friends and family will appreciate the gesture.

2. Learn the key regulations – each country has its own import laws and taxes. For example most Eastern European countries impose import taxes on items which cost more than £50. To avoid such unwanted expenses before sending your gifts make sure to learn the import laws of both the country in which you are and the country where you are sending the gifts to.

3. Make sure that the gifts reach their recipients on time – once you have bought and wrapped the presents head to a post office and ask how long it will take for the gifts to arrive. Keep in mind that the average time of delivery ranges from three to ten days. Therefore make sure to calculate accurately when will be the best time to send the gifts to your loved ones.

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