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Moving with a Hamster

man with van LondonMoving most domestic pets is quite a task, however if you own a hamster you will find out that the process is not that hard at all. Just follow the several steps mentioned below. Keep your hamster pleased prior to the move.

When you are prepping for the relocation, don’t forget to get the medical  reports of your pet from your veterinarian. Make sure to get all the vaccination reports, medical history and the necessary health certification which will be demanded by the airline personal if you are planning on travelling by airplane. Don’t leave this task for the last moment make sure to obtain the documents at least 10 days prior to relocation. Also make sure to pass by a pet shop and pack up some supplies for your hamster. During the transition give the favorite treats to your hamster and make him feel safe and at home. During the transportation regardless of how you prefer to travel you will need a hamster carrier. Once you have obtained the carrier contact the moving firm that offers man with van London based services, to learn if they do deliver animal. If the man with van London based firm, doesn’t offer this service, you could prefer to take your pet in your own car. If you are traveling via air, inform the airline about your intentions so that you can arrange all the details. When you arrive at your new home, make sure that all the rooms are hamster proofed. When you are sure yourself that the house is safe for you little rodent you can let it out of the carrier so that the fluffy animal can begin settling in its new environment.

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