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Relocating – What about Your Snake

London man and vanIf you are bonkers enough to keep a pet snake, even a non venomous one, then you definitely have a handful of problems when it comes to moving places, wish you had gone for canaries instead, too late, you got a full size snake to deal with so read carefully. As any other animal even a cold blooded, stone eyed killer like the snake can be stressed out of its skin so if you really love your not so little, not so venomous pet friend have a chat with a vet and ask of the possible means of transportation the snake can handle.

Forget about chucking the snake with the based in London man and van. Movers are not too fond of limbless creatures pretending to be garden hoses in the back of the truck. Seriously now, snakes are cold blooded creatures, so a thermometer should be used to monitor the ambient temperature within the transportation vehicle at all times. If you are going to a hotter place, then you surely need to speak to the vet and check for ways to keep the thing cool enough during the trip, let’s not call in a refrigerated man and van London has proper animal carriers that can do the job properly.

Figure out the fastest way to travel across to your new destination as even one hour of extreme temperatures can make your snake stick the legs up, if it had such. If a trip is unavoidable, make sure you keep the normal feeding, watering routine the snake is used to back home, if it likes mice an hour before lunch, then mice it is, keeping the routine usual will lessen the stress and keep the pet away from fixating on the trip. Choose a good transport container for the snake, make sure it’s one with a hide box, snakes are easily stressed and very shy. Make sure the container is aerated and easy to clean. A large pet snake will need an even larger container. Airlines won’t let you take your limbless friend on board make sure you know that.

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