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Sailor’s Guide To Preparing His Home For Duty Leave

Warning: Topic requires advanced level of expression and term usage. For the facilitation of the audience, this post has been simplified in terms of expression.

sailor departureA seaman’s profession is something quite unique. Only the worthy go to sea, it has been said. It’s for a very good reason indeed. Maintaining your life’s order is not an easy task for a sailor, especially when there’s a family involved. Of course, many seamen aren’t so fortunate. Family for them is a sacrifice necessary, in order to obtain the right to go to sea.

Regardless of position, while at sea, all seamen follow the same leave rotation example, which is X days on / max. X/2 days off. During their time on-board the vessel, there’s often nobody left at home. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave home like that and head out to sea. Since home ownership is part of the on-shore system, the system will ask for its fair share, in the form of taxes and penalties for not paying taxes. These are the kind of problems a sailor will have to deal with, before his departure. They appear as follow:

  1. Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings. Put in simple words, this is the tax you pay for being the owner of a property. It’s done once a year. For the purpose, consult with the local authorities as to when your deadline for payment is, before you are charged with a delay sanction. Fortunately, for most countries, this can be done in advance, so there’s really no reason to worry about it. Take care of it whenever you feel like it. As a seaman, you are to remember such details. The easiest way is by following a journal, where you can store all this information.

  2. Monthly water / electricity / garbage / cable / internet / phone / insurance-maintenance taxes etc. All of these things are part of your monthly responsibilities, while on dry land. See to it that you get familiar with the particularities of each of these separate taxes. Use the journal you have and dedicate a section to each of them. Before you start taking notes, write down every detail you need to know about these taxes. For example, how much is the penalty for neglected payment after the permitted deadline; also twists and holes in the law codex that you can use to your advantage.

  3. Plants and domestic pets. Sailors are not encouraged or advised to take responsibility for domestic pets. However, nothing stops them, so let’s review. Plants differ in many ways. Some need daily water feed. Others can withstand up to months without a drop of water. A sailor has friends, family and neighbours. Any one of them can be asked to keep an eye on the plants on good will. Sadly, we can’t say the same for pets. They have to be adopted for the time being. Another possibility is to hire a house keeper. The job is easy, loose and perfect part-time occupation for students looking for an easy earn.

  4. Internal furnishing. A person must protect his home furnishing from the decaying effect of time. First, turn off all electrical or otherwise equipment and unplug them from the power supply. Close all windows and doors. Lock them with keys, if that’s possible. Cover the power supply holes with anything but nylon(make sure to let it breathe, otherwise condensation will cause moisture to appear, which can short out the entire electrical system. Remove all drapery. Any kind of clothing will have to go behind airtight closed doors. There are airtight bags available in the large markets. Also, use papers to cover as much of the sensitive electrical house equipment as possible, specifically your computer. Otherwise, just disassemble it and store it in a box. Use tampons to block any water leakage from your sources of tap water. Clean really neatly before you go.

Hire Man and Van London professionals recommend you use this guide and it’s logics to further enhance this process on your own, according to your own needs and those of your home. It’s going to take a while before you get the hang of it. As a sailor, may you return home safely!

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