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Some Factors to Consider before Hiring a Moving Firm

man and van North LondonMany people imagine that hiring a moving firm that offers man and van London based services is easy. They think that it is enough to enter in a firm’s office and hire it to execute the relocation.

Most of these people end up being disappointed by the hired help because the job isn’t done properly as some of the items have been damaged during the transportation. To avoid this kind of situation, do your homework before hiring a man and van North London based firm. Here are some factors that you consider while selecting a removal firm.

Always check if the firm has a government license that allows it to execute this kind of services. To obtain this information you can contact the appropriate governmental agency and ask for the firm’s license stature or you can ask the firm to show to you their license, if they decline then you should cross of this company from your list. Scout more than two or three firms and always ask for a free quote. This way you will be able to compare prices and services of the different firms. Avoid at all cost firms that want payments in advance and that will make you sign a contract without explaining it in detail to you.

When you are discussing the relocation contract with an employee of the moving company. Insist on a fully detailed contract that includes information about the amount of work to be done, the current conditions of the moved items, the description of the moved materials, the used packing materials, the used transportation means and etc. If the employer is reluctant to craft such a contract end the discussion and move to another firm that is willing to draft a detailed contract.

Always ask about the experience of the firm and request references from satisfied customers and partners. If the company doesn’t have any references to present to you, then you should seek another firm that has at least some praise.

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