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The Short History of the Sex Pistols

One of the most popular punk rock bands in the history of music are known to be the Sex Pistols. The band was formed during the 70’s of the past century, in the capital city of England, London. Many people don’t know much about the band due to the fact that the Sex Pistols produced only one studio album and four singles. However despite their small discography the band have left a solid impact on the music world and changed the musical tendencies in the United Kingdom.

Originally the band was named The Strand and included the guitarist Steve Jones who was also the vocalist of the band, the drummer Paul Cook and Wally Nightingale who like Jones was a guitarist. Later Jim Mackin joined the band – he played the organ, along with Del Noones – a bassist. In the year 1973 the band’s management was taken by the renowned New York manager Malcolm McLaren. In the year 1974 the band got their first live performance at Tom Salter’s Café. Before their first gig the band rehearsed at the Crunchy Fog Studio which was located in the Docklands. Shortly after their first gig Del Noones was excluded from the band and replaced by Glen Matlock. Shortly after this the band lost another of its members. This time Nightingale left the band due to some serious disagreements he had with Jones.

In 1975 John Lydon more popularly known as Johnny Rotten was noticed by Steve Jones and was brought to the band as the new vocalist. In 1976 the band was joined by guitarist Steve New. Until the year 1978 when the band fall apart several more changes took place in terms of members.
As you can see London has been and is the home of numerous famous people. If you are in the process of relocating to the city hire a removal company to aid you with the moving. To find such as firm read the man and van London section in the yellow pages or type man with van in London on your computer’s internet search engine.

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