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Things That You Should Get Done Two Weeks Prior to Your Move

man and van East LondonEverybody who has relocated at least once in his life, knows how stressful and irritating the whole process can be if it is not planned in advance. In this article we will turn your attention on some tips and advice  that can aid you plan the move and ease the tension when the moving day arrives.

Craft your moving plan at least two weeks before the actual move day. Here are some of the most important aspects that you should cover in your plan.

– If you are a tenant make sure to inform your landlord via written notice about your intention.

– If you are a parent go the school of your children and arrange the transfer document so that you can subscribe your children into their new school.

– Visit your doctor and dentist and get all your medical records, you may need them once you have relocated. Also if you have a pet pass by the veterinarian to get the health certificate of your pet.

– Most government agencies require a two-week notice that you will have a new address. Don’t forget to right down the exact date of the move in your new address application.

– Notify your current employer that you are going to move in two weeks time, also notice your service providers such as telephone company, internet company, electricity company and etc.

– Consume your supplies of frozen and perishable foods. If you cannot consume it you can always donate the food to a shelter for the homeless instead of throwing the food.

– Book a man and van London based company to aid you with the relocation. Keep in mind that hiring a moving can be hard in some periods of the year. Therefore to be on the safe side, book a moving firm in advance. In terms of man and van East London is the place to be as it has various companies that you can hire.

– Arrange the disconnection of the essential services such as gas, water, phone and electricity.

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